Sunday, March 20, 2016

The future of watches


SMART          V/S                CLASS


The future of watches is a little depressing as innovations and technology is over taking the watch market under the name of "wearable tech."
With attempts like the "i watch" from apple aim to replace the classic submariner we all love.

a little way down the line only the luxury timepieces would survive provided they change there style according to the taste of there customers. Lets admit it stubborn fanatics like us would never accept this change. 
For a moment lets picture the differences between the 2 worlds. One lets you view the weather, play games, set reminders,show game scores and much more. while the other shows time and has diamonds on it. So wheres the catch simple the smarter one is ugly needs to be charged a lot and dries up your phones battery.


The smart watch industry was ignited as soon as pebble came into play followed by the industry giant Samsung. Who was then followed by tech giant apple. ll together these guys came up with various watches that all looked like a matchbox but there gadget appeal got the wearable tech industry a giant 32.9 billion dollars. Thats right even Trumph couldn't believe it would be that HUGE!.
Most of this money is drained straight out of the luxury watch industry. Thats correct the luxury giants have dropped 20% in sales since the release of the i watch and samsung gear 2.


While some brands are being stubborn and others have accepted the ugly truth. There is still hope. Thats right hope comes to us watch fanatics in the form of tag heuer. Tag is the first luxury brand to come out with an electric spin on there classic Carrera. They have taken the proven winner of there watch line and changed its outlook. Its perfect its as if both the industries created something that appeals to everyone.


The Tag Heuer Connected is the first to make use of Intel's newest Atom processor made for a wearable.  which compares to the usual found in most Android Wear smartwatches. That means it should be faster than its rivals, and it certainly felt fast in my brief hands on, but I'd have to spend more time with the device to test if there's really a noticeable improvement.
It'll also come packing 1GB of RAM, and a 410mAh battery, which beats the competition on paper, but Google is only claiming an "all day" battery life, which is standard. Presumably the large screen and the fact it's always on by default mean the larger battery doesn't offer longer life.
To round things off the watch has 4GB of internal storage, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.1 BLE. All of which are fairly standard for an Android Wear smartwatch at this point.

What ever the conclusion may be its clear that the future holds a lot.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

g shock


The shock proof watch which has a certain flair about it which you cannot miss. This is a watch made for daily use and can handle wear and tear.

The brand that is fit for any teenager and now even a corporate worker the best part is that these well known timepieces only cost ($70-300)
Most of the good watches falling between the convenient price range of ($90-180).

Most watches house a rubber strap and a well featured and detailed look. With an enemies variety of watches there has to be something for everyone once you check out their site.
They look incredible and last long most are Quartz and digital but also feature great looking needles.

It is a great watch for outdoor activities or sports. 

  • solar powered 
  • automatic timekeeping 
  • biometric pressure
  • altitude measure 
  • temperature measure 
  • shock resistant 


these watches are great for anybody who's 
into outdoor adventure or even if you work in a rough environment. This is one of the most trusted brand when it comes to durability so you should defiantly go for it.

Monday, November 30, 2015


world time pilot watch by aviator 


aviator is an ace brand when it comes to watches and is classified under semi luxury. the things which are exciting about aviator are-
the extremely attractive bezels and the classic straps that they pair with them.

this particular model has a gold plated steel case and luminous hand dials.
It also houses a leather strap which goes seamlessly with the good plated case.

the best feature of the watch has to be the integrated calendar which helps you keep up with the world time if you are a frequent flyer.
The watch carries a price of $140.

This model has two variants a white and the other black. The watch is resistant in water unto 10 atms and packs a 2 year international warranty and can be purchased straight out of duty free and delivered to your place.

you can grab this great piece on-

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Pebble watches

Gadget week watches 

Pebble smart watches

Still a watch Just smarter.

Pebble smartwatches have a fancy concept about watches.
They took the conventional look of a watch and went crazy with the concept.
By adding features like-
 -At a glance notification
 -call receive and decline
 -activity manager
 -fitness  monitor             

The watch has a built in fitness band that tracks your activities including your sleep.The watch works with both android and apple which makes it ideal for everyone with a smartphone.The smart watches cost around ($80-$350)

the brand has various kinds of watches which mainly include 5 different kinds-

         You can purchase this smart phenomenon at-


Gadget week watches 


Ever fancied James bond and his gadgets,
this nest one is straight out of his arsenal.

The velocitech HD camera watch that comes with 3 different record methods
-video method
-audio method
-picture method

It is great fun to use and has a long recording time because of its 4GB memory you can easily recharge the watch.

the quality of the imagery and sound is excellent.

major drawbacks- the dials other than the actual time needles don't work which was disappointing.

it makes a great gift and is good for daily use as well. costs just under ($120)
to purchase this limited edition piece log onto-

velocitech also provides various other time pieces with great looks and functions
Some with leathery looks that can be worn daily and some classy time pieces for special occasions. 

All watches fall in the same ($100-$200) price range and can be bought from-

://www.lazada.s http g/shop-watches-wsj/velocitech/

Lord timepieces

Budget watches

Lord time pieces

Lord timepieces is an extraordinary brand with incredible timepieces. each one more unique than the other. they follow a very different pattern by using skeleton case watches as there (USP).
It a London based company who ship around the world.
it is a must have for all watch enthusiasts.

Another great aspect about these watches is the price.
lord timepieces landing in with there retail price at ($75-$150).
which is exquisite because most of them come with fine leather straps and great looking analogues.

 the brand almost has a sale year round which is great because watches that cost ($150) only cost ($70).
the watch lights up your wrist by using the charm of its skeleton cases.

the only drawback is that the brand only focuses on the looks of the watches and compromise on features.
 Most watches also come with backless cases and beautifully working rotters.

i would recommend these watches for more of a luxury casual look that would work with any occasion.

Purchase all models on

budget watches del mar

budget watches 

Del mar

is tough and sturdy watch. with sharp and edgy looks. Mainly designed for the nautical and sailing fanatics. The brand houses various formal and casual looks with a similar kind of dial design for all.  The watches work great with any look that you are trying to go for. 

 Some of the watches bear an uncanny resemblance to the Rolex submariner but the watches do have a flare to them which make them appealing to military or navy enthusiasts.
 we recommend buying them as they are extremely durable and stylish.

The drawbacks aren't many except the fact that they could have been a bit more diverse with the dials.

the watches satisfy various needs like-
-24 hour format

The price range for the Del mar series lies between ($99-$250)

which is extremely satisfying as most of the great models lie between ($100-$160).

which is extremely satisfying as most of the great models lie between ($100-$160). extremely satisfying as most of the great models lie between ($100-$160).

                                                                                                                                                               The interesting thing about the chronographs is the second's needle which is in a separate smaller dial. Some of the watches bare naval flags,important military dates and more interesting artifacts. The movement and chronograph is the best thing about the watch because of the seamless motion that it has.  
In conclusion they are great and sturdy watches with something unique about them.          

All models can be purchased using there website.