Wednesday, December 9, 2015

g shock


The shock proof watch which has a certain flair about it which you cannot miss. This is a watch made for daily use and can handle wear and tear.

The brand that is fit for any teenager and now even a corporate worker the best part is that these well known timepieces only cost ($70-300)
Most of the good watches falling between the convenient price range of ($90-180).

Most watches house a rubber strap and a well featured and detailed look. With an enemies variety of watches there has to be something for everyone once you check out their site.
They look incredible and last long most are Quartz and digital but also feature great looking needles.

It is a great watch for outdoor activities or sports. 

  • solar powered 
  • automatic timekeeping 
  • biometric pressure
  • altitude measure 
  • temperature measure 
  • shock resistant 


these watches are great for anybody who's 
into outdoor adventure or even if you work in a rough environment. This is one of the most trusted brand when it comes to durability so you should defiantly go for it.

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