Saturday, November 28, 2015


Gadget week watches 


Ever fancied James bond and his gadgets,
this nest one is straight out of his arsenal.

The velocitech HD camera watch that comes with 3 different record methods
-video method
-audio method
-picture method

It is great fun to use and has a long recording time because of its 4GB memory you can easily recharge the watch.

the quality of the imagery and sound is excellent.

major drawbacks- the dials other than the actual time needles don't work which was disappointing.

it makes a great gift and is good for daily use as well. costs just under ($120)
to purchase this limited edition piece log onto-

velocitech also provides various other time pieces with great looks and functions
Some with leathery looks that can be worn daily and some classy time pieces for special occasions. 

All watches fall in the same ($100-$200) price range and can be bought from-

://www.lazada.s http g/shop-watches-wsj/velocitech/

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