Saturday, November 28, 2015

Lord timepieces

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Lord time pieces

Lord timepieces is an extraordinary brand with incredible timepieces. each one more unique than the other. they follow a very different pattern by using skeleton case watches as there (USP).
It a London based company who ship around the world.
it is a must have for all watch enthusiasts.

Another great aspect about these watches is the price.
lord timepieces landing in with there retail price at ($75-$150).
which is exquisite because most of them come with fine leather straps and great looking analogues.

 the brand almost has a sale year round which is great because watches that cost ($150) only cost ($70).
the watch lights up your wrist by using the charm of its skeleton cases.

the only drawback is that the brand only focuses on the looks of the watches and compromise on features.
 Most watches also come with backless cases and beautifully working rotters.

i would recommend these watches for more of a luxury casual look that would work with any occasion.

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